The Resurrection Biology of Backlist

[slideshare id=23253105&doc=digitalbacklist-130620140015-phpapp02]


I was asked by John Lawson and Vivek Dubey of Klopotek to present on the subject of what opportunities digital presents for backlist. This was for Klopotek’s Publisher Information Day at the RSA in London last week. A day loaded with highly knowledgeable speakers most of whom know far more about supply chain detail than I do. My job was to draw the lens out a bit to show why all this details that underpins what publishers do matters so much.

Or as Brian O’Leary puts it: “this stuff [i.e. the detail] isn’t optional”.

John and Vivek’s request seemed a reasonably straightforward proposition, so I agreed. Only as the day approached did I realise what an enormous task I had taken on. On the day it felt like I was trying to give three presentations at once. So here’s an amended version of the slides designed to work without narrative to give a flavour of the things I’d been looking at. Enjoy!


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