#ToCcon Post 1: Choices

I’m posting from the 7th floor of the Marriott Maquis hotel in New York, where Tools of Change kicks off in about 30 minutes. First impressions are that this is going to be a busy three days. If your only experience of ToC is ToC Frankfurt, the first point to make is that if you arrive promptly there’s no frustrating wait for registration. Here on home turf the O’Reilly back office systems make conference check in a painless 60 second process. The same back office systems underpin a whole raft of other enhancements to conference attendance – interactive attendee lists, personal session planning, the conference app and more. Book publishers have lessons to learn from O’Reilly about using data to add value.

The most difficult part of the day so far has been agonising over the choice of which session. There’s so much on offer I want to be in at least two places at once all day. And a third part of me would like to be a fly on the wall for the Author (R)evolution day going on. It shows just how far the world is moving (in the right direction) that authors have a place at this conference. I’ve settled my choices on a blend of personal interest, and sessions I think will be of most interest to the publishers I’m working with back in the UK.

As I’m talking at BookMachine later this month about what publishers might learn about collaboration from Agile development, I’m starting at 9am with Book Sprints: Zero to Book in 5 Days. Then moving on to a subject very close to my heart: Service Changes Everything. Stand by for updates as the day progresses

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